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CartoonSmart was the first training website to offer HD video. Seriously. Before YouTube was even founded, we realized screencasts needed to be way bigger than what others were offering. Nothing will replace books in the training spectrum, but sometimes you just want to put your feet up and watch someone else work. Since 2004, our customers haven't had to squint.

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About Maya

Maya by Autodesk, is 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems and used to create interactive 3D applications, video games, animated films, and visual effects. Autodesk has a generous 3-year license for any kind of student that wants to sample the software.

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Your Instructor

Manuel D'Macedo was one of CartoonSmart's first Motion and 3D instructors. He has taught Papervision, AS3, After Effects, and is now tackling Maya. Manuel has a Masters from the Arts et technologies de l'image School in Paris, France, where his focus for the last few years has been on Maya and 3D.

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Introduction to Maya. Or 3D in general.

If you've ever felt hindered by your ability to draw in the past, that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to sculpting in 3D. You can enter the 3D design environment without any traditional 2D skills and realize immediately that this is a completely different world. Visualizing your ideas in space is quite simply, fun. And a little addictive.

This first tutorial, and all those to follow, aim to make you feel at home with this staggeringly powerful software. Yes, Maya is used for Hollywood-quality visual FX, but you can use it for whatever your humble needs may be. Concept design, still frames for a book, character art, game graphics, heck, even prototyping the deck you want to build in your backyard.

Video Descriptions

Video 1 - Maya Interface Overview

  • Top Menu Sets and selection shortcuts.
  • Customize your own Shelf Shortcuts.
  • QWERTY keyboard tools.
  • Selecting, deselecting, and Shift-selecting objects.
  • Transformations - moving / rotating / scaling objects along the x, y or z axises.
  • Selection masks and hierarchies to edit only what you need.
  • Selecting components of a shape.
  • Navigating the workspace - Framing, tumbling around objects.
  • Changing views - Perspective, Front, Side, Top, Camera.
  • Display modes for objects - wireframe, shaded, textured, etc.
  • Channel Box transformations via input values and using the middle mouse button.
  • Timeline for animation.
  • MEL Commands for script controls in Maya.
  • The Hot Box for accessing the menu quickly with the spacebar.
  • Hiding panels for better workflow.
  • The Maya environment files - Your presets, preferences, script files.

Video 2: Manipulation and Primitives in Maya

  • Types of 3d geometry - NURBS and polygons
  • Deconstructing polygon primitives.
  • Editing Construction History examined by deleting and extruding faces
  • Transforming vertices with Soft Selection toggled on or off.
  • The Move Axis - Moving along the world, object, normals average etc.
  • Moving options for vertices.
  • Mirror Transformations.
  • Placing options for objects in the scene.
  • Changing the pivot point - With the Insert key on PC or D key on the Mac.
  • Snapping Options to the grid, curve, vertices, etc.
  • Visibility - Hide objects and show them again in the Outliner panel.
  • Template an Object - To see the model as a reference.
  • Add Layers and toggle options.
  • Show Menu and visibility options.
  • Naming Objects to organize and select via the Outliner.

Video 3 - Poly Modeling in Maya

  • Step-by-step instruction to construct a cartoonish house.
  • Editing the mesh of a cube to make the foundation of the house.
  • Extruding doors and windows.
  • Fine-tuning vertices.
  • Arching the roof.
  • Adjusting edge loops.
  • Inverting selections to separate windows.
  • Snapping one vertex to another.
  • Using the append to polygon tool to make frames between the windows.
  • Moving vertices snapped along an edge to make the steps to the house.
  • Assigning materials to texture the structure.

Introduction to Maya Video Tutorial Preview 1


Tabbed below, you can watch the entire first video in this series or watch samples from the instructor, Manuel D'Macedo's 3D portfolio.

A short sample of Manuel D'Macedo's rigging work in Maya.

The first video from this series.

Nearly 3 hours of training. And you can pick your price. Or get it for free!

We suggest $9.99 to support new Maya tutorials in the pipeline. But you can choose the level you are most comfortable at. Like all CartoonSmart tutorials, you can download these videos directly to your computer along with source files for the projects.

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